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For All I Care

Artist Nwando Ebizie, presents a new 5-part mini-series reimagining care and healing through art, health and science.

With ideas for how to care and connect, the series evolves through conversations, artistic works and healing experiences. Join us to explore what care means for our bodies, communities, the planet and our futures.

A BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and Wellcome Collection collaboration. Presented by Nwando Ebizie. Music by Nkisi. Sound by Axel Kacoutié. A Reduced Listening Production, produced by Katherine Godfrey and Georgia Moodie and exec produced by Alannah Chance.

Mar 31, 2021

In this episode, we explore collective imaginations of the past and future, and different cultural understandings of time. Connecting our heritage, actions and legacies, how can we create a caring world for generations to come?


The guests are Afrofuturist writer, filmmaker, dancer and thinker Ytasha Womack in...

Feb 24, 2021

What can we learn from the acts of care and reciprocity we can see in plants, animals and minerals? 

In Earthly Perspectives, we try to de-centre the human, listen closely and take a different view of the natural world. 

The guests are artist Rachel Pimm, writer and academic Merlin Sheldrake, and artists Jana Winderen...

Jan 27, 2021

How can we care, collectively? Can we address unequal access to rest and care, creatively?

Join Nwando Ebizie to look at how rest has been politicised, whether the mental health system can be redeemed by art and how to navigate the noise of the city.  Guests include Black Power Naps (artists Navild Acosta and...